The stray dog became the star of a football game and not only, after which his life completely changed…


The dog immediately became famous by “disrupting” the game in Bolivia.

That day his life completely changed because he was adopted by one of the players.

We are used to seeing mostly only sportsmen during a football game, but this dog seemed to have decided to direct all the attention to himself, and it certainly worked for him.

All the spectators, who were waiting for tricks with the ball, followed the dog with greater attention.

The fact is that the homeless dog, approaching the field, caused a great commotion that people will remember for a long time.

Taking the sports shoe, “Cachito” obviously wanted to show the football players the sporting treasure.

No matter how hard they tried to focus on the game, they couldn’t.

In the end, the game was completely stopped, so the dog was so excited by the attention of the spectators that he preferred to lie down on the field and chew the shoe.

The game’s commentaters began to mention how amazing the dog was, who within minutes managed to become the star of the game.

Cachito seemed to be enjoying his moments of glory and nothing could make him leave it all.

When the players approached him, Cachito turned to the ground and was petted by them.

After enjoying it all enough, Cachito finally allowed the home team’s Ral Castro to take him off the field.

The sweet baby captured everyone’s hearts and no one knew where the star came from, since then, news about the lovely puppy was everywhere on social media.

Later it turned out that Cachito was recently spotted in the city center, in terrible condition.

After the game, Mayra, the volunteer of the animal shelter, came there and took him to the shelter to receive appropriate treatment.

Fortunately, he made a full recovery. However, after all that, another wonderful thing happened to the dog.

Ral Castro came to visit the dog, wanting to adopt the puppy.

It was the player who took the dog off the field during the game.

Theman also covered all the fees, for which we are very thankful to him.

Cachito not only became a real star in a few minutes, but also managed to capture the heart of his kind savior.

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