The researchers have proved that goats are able to distinguish between sad and happy faces becoming excited about happy ones


Some researchers of UK have recently shown that goats can understand what means a smiling face, even reacting to it.

They proved that they can understand faciaI expressions and the difference between happy and sad faces very clearly.

When they visited sanctuary, they showed these animals two pictures at once, one of which depicted a happy face and the other an angry one.

The pics were 1.3meters apart, posted in a small arena.

For some time, the goats had the opportunity to look at the pictures and after some time they very clearly preferred the pic with smiling face.

As predicted, the goats approached the smiling face first and spent longer with the pic, as if interacting with it.

This once again proved to the researchers that these creatures are able to “read” faciaI expressions, preferraing to interact with faces that are positive.

An interesting fact is that these animals chose the smiling one when the picture was placed on the right.

From this it is assumed that this is due to the function of the brain of them, because it is shaped by posirtive emotions in the left hemisphere of the animals, and negative ones in the right one.

So the study proved that they are clearly able to distinguish them and respond accordingly.

It turned out that these sweet animals are smarter than we can imagine and besides that, they are also able to bring a smile to many faces, as it happened in our case:)

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