The previously shy kitty transformed into the most curious one becoming everyone’s favorite


One day, a kind man found a little kittie in his yard, which was all alone. He tried to find his mother but in vain.

The kitten was so small, that needed round-the-clock care. He was immediately contacter to a nearby shelter and shortly after they came to take the little one.

Haley is one of the volunteers of the shelter, who, knowing about the cat, offered to take the baby home and take care of it.

At first, of course, the kitten was confused constantly hissing and hiding from people.

However, after a very short time, he realized that his foster mother just wants to take care of him and will never leave him with an empty stomach.

Since Lavender was still very young and bottle-fed, Haley took him to work with her every day.

After only a few weeks, the kitten started to become more active and fully showed its sweet nature.

It was already clear that he was a very curious kittie as always paid attention to everything he saw.

After a while, he became friends with all the members of the family, including the other cats and dogs.

The sweet cat was especially fond of Spud ,their dog and loved to snuggle up next to him.

Everyone just adores this kitty and it seems like he somehow casts a spell on everyone.

He definitely lives his best life now for which we are very thankful to everyone who saved him and did everything to transform into such a sweet cat.

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