The previous owners left the pregnant cat outside, but fortune smiled on her very unexpectedly…


A day came when the beautiful black cat became unwanted by her owners and appeared in the street…

The point is that the cat was also pregnant and, being used to living at home, needed human help and would not be able to cope with all that alone.

Fortunately, a volunteer, hearing the cat’s roar, rushed to help. Her name was Emily, who, after taking the cat to the shelter, offered to take her to her home so that the cat would have the opportunity to give birth to her babies in the warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Of course, she had no idea at first how much grief the cat had in her life, but it was obvious from her eyes

Two and a half weeks later, the kittens were born. There were four adorable babies. Three of them were black, the fourth was striped.

The cat was just a wonderful mother who took care of the little ones wonderfully.

She simply adores her new parents, purring lovingly every time they enter their room.

The cat was very happy that she met so many kind people and did not have to raise her babies in the cold street.

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