The pregnant cow wants to save the child, jumped from the truck on the way to the slaughterhouse


Brianna, the cow, was seriously pregnant when she and other cows were put in a truck going to the slaughterhouse, she writes valuable stories.

He knew that the slaughterhouse would mean “game over” for his child, so he leapt from a moving truck into a busy highway.

Brianna clumsily runs through the traffic, asking for help. When the police communicate with him, he is afraid of light and commotion, he refuses to cooperate. Later some hunting animals run to Skylands Animal Sanctuary Rescue.

At first, no one knew about Brianna’s pregnancy.

When the reserve veterinarian found out about it, he was worried about the baby’s health.

Brianna suffered multiple injuries while jumping from a truck on the road, it was very likely that there could be complications during childbirth.

To the relief of a veterinarian, Brianna gave birth to a healthy female calf named Winter two days after her rescue. The sanctuary calls Winter’s birth a miracle, promising that she will never be separated from her mother.

We admire Brianna’s fierce motherly spirit, and her drive to protect her child from all adversity. We wish them a long and happy life.

Click on the video below to see how Brianna escaped her fate and fought for help in her journey.


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