The poor stray cat with frostbitten ears approached to a rescuer to ask for help…


After wandering the streets for a long time and waiting for help, the cat decided to approach someone for help.

Her name is Meagan, one of the rescuers of PuppyKitty NYCity, who met this friendly cat.

Tabby did everything to get her attention and immediately approached the rescuer to ask for help.

He must have spent a long time in the cold weather․

Megan immediately took the cat to a shelter, providing him with proper care.

The cat knew that he was finally safe and wouldn’t have to sleep in the cold streets anymore.

He was so grateful to Megan that his enthusiasm did not end. He was constantly growling and hugging everyone.

Sweety is very friendly and also gets along very well with other cats in the shelter.

After being fully examined and sterilized, he began receiving treatment. He became much more playful and energetic day by day.

He would roll on his back and play with his favorite toys all the time.

Once she was fully recovered and ready for adoption, Megan hoped to find a wonderful family that would care for him for the rest of his life.

And just a few weeks later, Sweety’s another dream came true.

He found a wonderful family over the holidays who just fell in love with him at first sight.

Sweetie is now enjoying life in her new family enjoying his life to the fullerst.

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