The oldest cat of the rescue center got the best surprise on his 19th birthday…


Sammy’s story would have turned out differently if these caring people had not come to his aid.

The cat was already 19 years old, so its owners did not want to take care of it anymore.

The old cat was taken to an orphanage in Cincinnati. There were many cats with a similar fate.

Sammy was the oldest of all the cats there, who, as it turned out, was brought to the shelter a week before his birthday.

Sweet cat’s birthday was on June 15, and on that day he turned 19 years old.

The staff of the center decided to make him happy in every way, so they all gave him a wonderful day together.

Soon, photos of the cat’s birthday were spread all over the Internet, with which they also wrote a post , noting that their beloved cat has only one dream: to find a home. And after that a real miracle happened.

The very next day, new owners of him were already there waiting for the sweet cat. Everyone was so happy for him.

The staff of the center told them that the cat is very sweet and most of all like to hug people.

The shelter staff is definitely going to sing again for Sammy on his 20th birthday.

We are so happy for you, kitty, God bless you.

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