The news of having triplets shocked not only the parents, but the whole world


It was 7years ago when these unique babies were born.

The family was stunned when they heard the news about the triplets.

In addition, they already have a 3-year-old daughter, so the future parents were really shocked.

The news about the children spread quickly and caused a real commotion even outside their country.

It was written about on the front pages of many many newspapers, screens and so on.

Therefore, seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and great interest, the parents decided to open a blog and tell about the everyday life of their big family.

The continuous appeal of the event to the children was really great and they followed all the updates with great interest.d

Today, already famous parents continue to make everyone happy, never ceasing to amaսze their viewers.

They admitted that at first even their mother could not distingsuish between the boys.

The older sister has taken on the whole responsibility of being a very controlling babysitter and she is doing great.

Boys just adore hher. Just look at these cuties. They’re so adorable.

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