The man who saved the two lion cubs seven years ago returns and meets them face to face


There is nothing stronger than a bond between you and your pet, especially when you have helped raise them.
People dedicate their whole lives to saving animals, motivated only by love, this is what K. Richardson does.

One day while working in the Lion Park in South Africa, he witnessed a mother lion rejecting her two newborn cubs.

Some people may have been afraid to approach the couple, but Kane’s instincts told her otherwise, writes Joe Kahlo from

He decided to save them very soon they became most of his life.

The goal of the centre was to raise these cubs so that they could grow up to become fully-fledged adults without human help.

Seven years later, Kane decided to visit the Maggie couple, and it is clear that she was nervous about their reaction.

It had been a long time since they had seen each other, he was not sure if they would remember him.

Ken decided to approach the lions without hesitation, to our delight, he videotaped the meeting with GoPro.

While one of the lions was near the water, he decided to jump in and approach her, calling his name.

What happened next was truly unbelievable. As soon as he realized who Kn was, he immediately jumped into the water and hugged K:n.

Kevin describes them as his “soul mates”, they will always have this special bond, no matter how long they have been apart.

Watch the amazing moment for yourself in the video below.

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