The hard fate of the smallest mom of Russia; The woman with 109 cm height was not scared to give birth.


The birth of a child by a girl who measured 109 centimeters in height resulted in her inclusion in the Russian Book of Records.

She found happiness and became a mother despite her health issues. We will describe Valeria Kozhemyako’s search for herself and what she ultimately discovered.

Valeria was an active child with leadership qualities, and she was afraid she would never have children. In every way, she was always a baby, but she didn’t notice her features.

Lera began to experience feelings of insecurity as a teenager. Even though the guys showed interest in other girls, they only looked at her as a friend.

She was also offered the chance to accept fate as it is if she shared her experiences. They convinced their daughter to steadfastly accept fate and provided her with as much support as they could.

Lera’s life continued as usual, but she still harbored the hope that one day she would start her own family. When she was already resigned to being alone, she found a loved one.

Valeria stopped believing in miracles at some point. Despite the fact that she was no longer looking for love, she realized that she was severely lacking in intimate communication.

She went to a group of disabled people for conversations. There, Dmitry, a Yekaterinburg man who was also lonely, was found by Lera.

They talked a lot and eventually decided to meet up. She left Rostov for the faraway city of Yekaterinburg after Dmitry bought her tickets.

After learning of her decision, Lera’s father tried to discourage his daughter, but her mother supported and encouraged her.

Something has proven to be the right choice in life. Relationships quickly developed. The couple decided in just three weeks that they wanted to be together forever.

Despite her health issues, she made the decision to become a mother. Lera desired to have children.

She didn’t like the comments about the possible problems the unborn child might have and how hard it might be to get pregnant. Valeria gave birth, despite all her fears.

The pregnancy was going extremely well. Lera was very active up until the time she gave birth. Evangelina was born in good health. However, the young mother was expecting minor difficulties.

Lera had a hard time getting to the arena to pick up the child because of her small stature. The issue was resolved after a brief disagreement.

A cradle from the cradle was placed on top of a new bed that had appeared in the postpartum ward. The husband ensured that his wife was at ease playing the motherly role.

He assisted in carrying Evangeline and lavished the child. The real issues started outside of the home.

After a short while, Lera noticed that the child was beginning to run faster than her. In order to keep Evangeline from running too far, I had to tie her up.

Ironic remarks were not avoided by the family. Lera began her search for herself shortly after sending the child to kindergarten.

It became easier for parents when Evangeline started kindergarten. Valeria started to consider her future plans. After a prolonged job search, nothing but disappointment followed.

Lera still found something that she liked, despite the fact that employers did not want to trust her with anything. The young mother began performing manicures when she developed an interest in nail art.

The pastime developed into a dependable source of income over time. Naturally, Valeria stands out from the others. The fact that she has a daughter surprises many.

Yes, Lera was able to find her place in life and become a happy wife and mother despite her diminutive stature. If you agree that everyone deserves happiness, please share this!

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