The frantic hunt for missing boy gets over when he’s found with a dog guarding him


One day the family woke up to find out that their 6-years-old son and pup have gone missing. The kid is Kaydon Leach, that had gone missing in 2018 from his house.

Last he has been seen wearing a black T-shirt, gray sweatpants and slip-on shoes. The searches started in the evening at 7 ocklock and they were searching for them everywhere.

The police have been looking for them via helicopters and also they had equipement on the ground all night long.
Finally after twenty two longlasting hours of searches they noticed the child a half-file away from their house.

As they got closer the sound of growling became higher and higher. Fortunately Kayden was not lonely, he was accompanied by his best friend and his guardian angel…

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