The fascinating singing pup has unique vocals for every emotion


The pups can impress us endlessly the best examle for that Is Lola the hero of our story. The tiny dog had won her mom and dad’s heart with her unique vocals.

Lately she started throwing her head back and singing as loud as possible. She adores singing and enjoys the sound of her own voice. The little pooch sings the songs with all her heart and she really enjoys the process.

We can say that she is a very dedicated singer. She performs only to impress and parents and truly enjoys the process. Lola adores being in the centre of attention.

She can even recognize her audience and then start singimg all over again. As her parents mention she is never silent and has her own ways of expressing emotions.

She really rules their house. Lola knows what she wants and she will always to anything to achieve it. She is very determined and speciefic. She wants and loves being involved in everything that goes around their house.

Her parents really appreciate her and think she is very funny and cute. Rachel sometimes even thinks that Lola has her own language of talking to her and she sometimes does talk with the.

While eating she squeaks very mush and whenver she is excited she makes the purring noises. Rachel and Matt consider Lola to be their baby and they do not even imagine their life without her.

They really enjoy her company and are very happy that Lola is their dog.

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