The family organized the first meeting of their newborn baby and 3 huskies, who were so excited about it


Furry animals and newborn babies are known for their strong and beautiful ties.

It also appeals to their human parents, which really makes the family complete.

But what to do if the opposite happens and your child does not like to be around the dog and starts crying.

It also happens that the dog hates the new-born children, starting to bark every time.

Such behavior is often a cause for concern because the dog may harm the child.

However, such cases are rare and almost always it is like love from the first sight.

In this case, the same thing happened when they met the newest member of their family.

Before organizing that meeting, however, they needed to be given time to rest.

They decided to introduce all the members of the house one by one to the baby, so that the child does not get tired of it all.

The parents did everything to do it properly. They let them smell the baby’s clothes and hat at first.

Even before that, the dogs felt their mother’s pregnancy and understood that something new was waiting for them.

The youngest of all the dogs is Teddy, who has never had such an experience before.

Bringing Teddy in, Dad was sitting there holding their baby brother.

Seeing the baby, Teddy sniffed him and started wondering: who is that baby, why doesn’t he have fur all over his body?

It was such an exciting moment and you know what, Teddy understood everything very well and knew that he had to keep calm next to his brother.

So laying down next to his father, he licked his face.

It was so adorable.

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