The elephant, who spent almost all his life in prison, was simply fascinated by the classical music played by the talented pianist


I think many people agree with the idea that melody is food for the soul, and as it turned out recently, it also applies to animals.

Paul is a talented pianist and also a great lover of nature.

Combining the two, he started a wonderful activity of composing classical music for rescued elephants.

An old elephant, who had a rather difficult past, once heard Paul play and immediately fell in love.

The animal, who had spent almost his entire life in prison, stood and listened fascinated.

It felt like he was released only at that moment. The wild animal was fascinated by the talented pianist’s unique way of communicating with him.

The animal decided to get a little closer to the piano in order to hear the music better.

Paul was playing a classical music and it was as if the whole world stopped for a moment.

In a similar way, Paul has made many other elephants happy, which have mostly been rescued from illegal animal businesses.

Most responded positively to such sound treatment, but in the case of this elephant, things were completely different.

It was such an exciting moment that you want to enjoy it again and again. You can also watch it by finding the video at the end of the article.

Unfortunately, elephants often become victims of exploitation and spend their whole lives in captivity.

They are forced to live in the unknown world and do not know if one day they will finally be free or not…

As for the piano music, it seems to be healing for their wounded hearts.

Something elegant instantly unites the musician and the animal and as for the classical music it obviously provided all the comfort the animals needed.

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