The elderly dog who had been abandoned by his previous family, found a very caring home to live the rest of his life


Unfortunately, the life of this sweet 8-year-old dog was not so easy, because his family abandoned him, leaving him all alone on the street. He was found walking alone on the streets of California.

He was completely dirty and looked with sad eyes at the people who indifferently passed by him without paying attention to him.

He was so thin that he looked like a skeleton, and as for the fur, it was completely missing .

I think it is one of the most terrible things in the world when a family abandons a dog. It is a very heartbreaking scene.

Families generally leave their sick or elderly pets without thinking about the dire consequences. They have no idea how much pain the dog goes through because of them… Fortunately, a volunteer from the Carson shelter noticed the dog and rushed to help him.

He immediately took the dog to a shelter and thanks to the kind volunteers there, Ray started to regain his weight to some extent, but he was still sad and depressed.

Although they did not have much hope, they soon decided to put the boy up for adoption. And guess what. After a few days Ray got adopted. He is feeling much better now, but is still undergoing treatment.

Let’s pray for the sweet boy’s speedy recovery as he deserves to live the rest of his life showered with love and care.

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