The dog, who has been missing for 8 years, immediately recognized his father during an emotional meeting


This heartwarming story is proof that one should never despair. Whether it starts with a catastrophic loss, it has a happy ending.

It all started in 2012 when Stevie Roger’s two dogs, Cavik and Conan, were let out of his Scottish home to go to the bathroom but slipped out of the gate. He searched the area and found that they were wandering in a farmer’s sheep field.

The farmer brutally shot the two dogs, killing Conan instantly. Kavik was injured but ran out.

The family searched the area for months, posting signs and offering a reward, but in vain. They even made a post in Dog Lost, mentioning his last sighting և two phone numbers to call for any information.

“Kavik is his father’s son, he may not come when another person calls. If you see him, please call one of the listed phone numbers immediately, indicating the place where you saw him.

She is afraid she may need veterinary care. Thank you very much.”

They mourned the loss of their two dogs, believing that they would never see Kavik again.

But eight years later, they received a call to find their long-lost dog in Birmingham, 300 miles away.

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