The disabled man and his best friend cheetah developed such unique friendship, that it stunned the whole world


It is not for nothing that dogs are considered the most loyal friends of human, but it so happens that other animals can be pretty good friends too, even if it’s about wild animals.

Joan, who has a disability, is a former racing driver. The fact is that the man cannot move his lower limbs, but that did not prevent him from continuing to live an extraordinary life.

Joan’s enthusiasm for these animals is boundless. It seems that he can even understand their language and everything related to these wild animals, cheetahs. He knows very well how to tame a cheetah and now keeps it like any other pet.

Although it may seem unbelievable to many now, to think that a person would connect with a wild animal, Joan is not going to leave his beloved animal because it has changed his whole life.

Despite the animal’s strength and size, they are really like best friends. In the photos, you can see how the cheetah approaches its father, hugging and making loving gestures. They have a real friendship, full of mutual trust. So sweet!!

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