The “dead” dog raised his head when the man he was waiting for came to take him home


Judy Obregon, the founder of the dog rescue group The Abandoned Ones, received a call about a stray poodle she was trying to rescue. But when he saw the photo of the dog lying there, he realized that it was too late.

He was already gone, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Obregon had previously received calls from local children torturing the dog.

“The kids were throwing food in the street so the dog would run out into the street,” Obregon told The Dodo. “Then the neighbors saw that several children were tying a water pipe around his neck.”

Obregon returned to the district three times diligently, trying to catch the dog, but in vain. Then the woman, who first contacted him about the dog, sent him that heartbreaking photo, it broke his heart. If only he could catch her sooner.

“I started crying because I thought I had not done enough,” Obregon said. “I felt I was not there at the time to reach this dog before he was in this situation.”

However, the dog did not deserve to be lying there, so Obregon immediately went to him. When he got there, the most incredible, unexpected thing happened.

“When I came to him, he was still in the same place, but his head was up,” Obregon said. “I was probably the happiest person in the world.”

Obregon took the dog and named it Gul. He was convinced that if he did not get there when he got there, he really would not get it.

Gul was malnourished and dehydrated. He was so weak that he could not walk. He was also, of course, traumatized.

But when Guli got into Obregon’s car, Galli finally calmed down. He realized that he was being saved.

“He started kissing me,” Obregon said.

After a few days at the vet, Gul recovered completely. Obregon’s friend Crystal took him as a guardian as they searched for an eternal home for a worthy cub.

To the surprise of those who met Guli, he quickly spent those days on the streets with her and immediately began to trust people.

Then Obregon received good news. Gul found his eternal home.

He has a perfect life now; he will never have to worry about starving or catching a cold. No one will ever treat him badly. The “dead” dog was very much alive, it was wonderful.

Obregon is eternally grateful to the woman who called him and sent him a heartbreaking photo of Guli.

“This is why I do what I do,” Obregon said.

“And I have to say that if it were not for this crisis, whom I will never know, Gul would not be alive. He was almost the one who saved his life. ”

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