The cute picture of a dog kissing his best friend dolphin went viral all over the world


If you think that dogs can only be a human’s best friend, then we are in a hurry to disappoint you a little. The point is that dogs can be great friends with both humans and animals.

The story of these two wonderful friends, which we are going to present to you, simply amazed the whole world.

A dog in Florida befriended a dolphin whose photos continue to capture the hearts of millions of people.

Their friendship started a year ago, when Gunner and Delta met each other. In a short time, they became real stars all over the Internet.

This sweet story of a dolphin and a dog makes everyone fall in love with them at once. This dolphin lives in the coastal sanctuary of the Dolphin Research Center on GrassyKey Island in Florida, USA.

As for the dog, its owner is Marie Blanton, who works for the same organization and often takes her dog with her.

Therefore, the dog does not waste time and visits his best friend every time with fins.

When they first came there together, the owner of the dog thought that the dog would get angry and bark.

But the thing is that his reaction was completely opposite. He just lay down there and started looking around.

Then, after a few visits, Marie began to notice that whenever they went there with Gunner, Delta, noticing them, was always the first to swim over to him. Dolphin also brought his toys with him to try playing with the dog.

At the time of the first visit, Gunner was only two months old, and now the dog is already eight years old, and the friendship with the 11-year-old Delta dolphin has only strengthened even more.

Even though they don’t see each other often, they are still great friends and distance can’t change anything in their relationship.

The dolphin, always noticing the dog, is the first to sail towards him to greet. The story of these two went viral instantly.

The tweet, which was first published, garnered over 1.3 million likes and over 255,000 retweets.

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