The curious little kitten appeared in a Japanese office to make sure that everyone there is doing their best


Many people often call cats cunning and very proud based on their character and behaviour, but there is a clear reason for thinking so.

A group of employees in a Japanese office were surprised to see how a kitten targeted their office, appearing in the most unexpected way.

This kitten, however, did not come there with the intention of stealing something. He had sneaked in there for something else, which is called surveillance.

The surveillance plot he planned was discovered when one of the employees suddenly looked up and saw a small snout peeking at them from an opening in the ceiling.

Seeing that sweet kitten, he quickly took a photo of it, sending it to one of his colleagues.

When he saw the adorable picture, he in turn posted it on his Twitter page, jokingly comparing it to a security camera.

It was the most unique and beautiful little camera we’ve ever come across, and its hilarious pictures continue to make the rounds on Twitter and bring a smile to everyone’s faces who see them.

This cat most likely came to make sure that everyone is focused on their work, doing their best.

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