The couple was shocked when their horse begins giving birth to “Miracle” second foal


Jenni and Guy were anxiously waiting for Treliver D’Aquitaine (aka Daisy) to give birth . The horse was 7 days over her due date when they were called up to the stables.

Rused up with perfect timing to support Daisy with giving birth Don Quixote, a shocking palomino colt.

They noticed he was small for a such a major mother (Daisy is just under 18th) yet they were as yet excited with how wonderful he was.

While they were hanging tight for the child foal to stand, they were unexpectedly stunned when they saw Daisy’s fetal membrane.

It was not ordinary and when Jenni headed toward Daisy she could feel a couple of feet within Daisy. Daisy was going into compressions again!”

I felt inside her and felt two feet, Guy returned to the pens and I advised him to take out the second child as fast as could really be expected and with me getting her our hearts quit watching to check whether the subsequent foal would be alive and she was!! She was breathing… ”

The 2nd foal was a breech birth however inside the space of minutes needed to stand up like her sibling recently had. They named her Duet.

“She was little areas of strength for however a contender, needing to remain in practically no time and prepared to drink once standing.

“Duet was more fragile than her sibling so they watched out for her for the initial not many days to guarantee she was getting enough milk. It was a magic – two twin foals – as the details for twins enduring is minuscule.

Some time later, the two foals escaped their stable interestingly with their mother.

“They weren’t out for a really long time and ordinary we extended their time, presently they go out with different female horses and their foals and the twins remain together like paste – when another female horse approaches they hurry to Daisy who has an exceptionally large presence in the enclosure and no one messes with her babies… ”

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