The cat was just out for a walk and that was the day he realized he could have two families instead of one


And how would you answer the question, what is better than a loving family? We have our version: two loving families!

At least, this little kittie will agree with us. This sweet cat, determined to surprise his neighbors, making their house his second home without asking their permission.

Everything started very unexpectedly. One day, John and Alex left their door open, and then an orange kitten seemed to have decided to go out for a walk.

When the weather permits, they often do so, but they never imagined that they would have such an unexpected guest.

The kitten didn’t seem to care at all about their surprised faces and he just “greeted” them and began to explore the house.

When they went to get a closer look at the cat, they found out that the strange kitten has a collar and lives just one street away from them.

So they took the cat to take it home, but it was not so easy to get rid of it.

The next day the kitten was back at their home. This time, since they knew the kitten wasn’t really lost, they decided to let him have his way.

So it was that Tigger was already visiting the couple every day, sometimes several times a day.

Tigger’s family said that they are used to this kind of behaviour of their cat and do not limit his freedom, leaving him to do as he wants.

Now the kitten has two families, both of whom love him very much and are just very happy that they have him in their lives.

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