The cat continued to cry and scream all the time, and when the man went into the kitchen to get him out, it turned out he just tried to save his life.


We have heard many stories about how the animals saved their owners.Today the list will be increased by one more.

Since his owner decided to go on vacation, so decided to leave his cat with his brother, so he in turn decided to move into his sister’s apartment for a short time to take care of the cat more easily.

That day, however, the boy felt ill. He had fever, cough and also headache. He thought that he would feel better soon, but nothing helped him.

Suddenly he heard the voice of a cat, which was screaming. So he had to go there to see what happened.

After feeding him, the boy went back to sleep, but soon it all happened again. There was a loud scream, but this time it wasn’t the cat.

The boy stood up again, checked the trash can and, finding nothing, went back to sleep.

Then, you can already guess, cat stared crying and that prevented him from sleeping.

The cat kept screeching under the kitchen door and wouldn’t go far from the kitchen door, so it was clear that something was wrong.

Realizing that he still couldn’t sleep, decided to go and make coffee, but when he wanted to turn on the gas, he saw that it was already on, but there was no flame…

Turned out that the cat just saved his life. Dear friends, always remember that no cat cries or whines incessantly for no reason…

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