The boy felt so sad that his parents didn’t come to support him, so here’s what decided to do one of the professors


He cried because his parents had disappointed him by not being with him on that big day…

He decided to share how he feels when his parents were not there for him at such an important day when he needed them the most. He’s a pretty good student, a hard worker, but his family never stood by him, even when he won prizes at school.

Because he knew they couldn’t be by his side again, at a high school event he decided to ask a friend to have his parents come up on stage with him…

Despite the fact that his family was never there for him and no one supported him, he decided to leave the city to get a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

At that time, Jeric was also working in a restaurant and cleaning houses so that he could pay his tuition fees at a prestigious school. He just wanted one thing and it was missing a lot in his life.

He wanted that at least on that day his family would be by his side and see how their son receives his diploma on his graduation day, but unfortunately it did not happen and his expectations were not fulfilled again.

After that day, he wrote on social media about that heartbreaking moment. “At that moment, I felt that my tears were falling, and I sat on the side.”

It was such a sad moment in his life and every time, that he needed it the most, he did not receive any support from his family.

However, at that time, when he was sitting and crying, he could not even imagine what was waiting for him and that God would never leave him alone…

One of the professors, who knew very well how difficult it was for the boy that there was no one by his side on such an important day, decided to lend a helping hand to him. He decided to do something very unexpected for him.

When the boy went up on the stage to receive his diploma, his professor came up to him and hugged him.

He did not feel alone and it was such a touching moment. All his fellow students, as well as professors, were s oproud of him and also went and stood by him.

Jeric got so emotional and he was so thankful that decided to use his social networks to thank everyone who supported him and helped him not to feel alone. He even thanked his parents for being able to achieve such success.

His post immediately went viral and to this day, he receives messages of love and support from people all over the world.The thing is that Jeric was the first in his family who was able to finish high school.

Of course, his parents who didn’t even care about his achievements and once again made him feel bad, but God sent him a lot of support, which made him feel so good on a very important day for him…

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