The bear cub that survived the forest fires last year, has been captured bathing with its new “friend”


An orphaned bear cub survived last year’s wildfires in Northern California with burned paws.

The bear was named Tamarack and was treated for his wounds at a wildlife care center.

We are happy to report that Tamarack not only recovered, but he was thriving day by day.

Despite the traumas he had in the past, the sweet bear happily healed and now even decided to send you a very sweet video, that will definitely warm your heart too.

Thugi Silsh, who is a wildlife lover, has shared an amazing video of the cub captured by cameras near his house.

The orphan bear cub simply amazed everyone. The camera caught the bear in a large puddle which was taking a bath.

However, it soon became clear that he was not alone there. With him was his toy bear, which he had obviously found somewhere.

How it happened is unknown, but Tamarack clearly values ​​his new friend very much.

All that became clear from the adorable video.

It was just a perfect performance that will immediately elevate your mood..

Bear seemed to finally be enjoying his life, which had such a rough start, but surely the best is yet to come.

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