The abandoned senior dog even had no hope of being saved, but at that very moment his guardian angel appeared.


We all want to remember that we are always heroes to our pups and they love us with all their hearts no matter what.

We can do no wrong in their eyes and they always love us the way we are.

It is indeed a great responsibility to have a pet in the home and it is very important that we never abuse the trust these innocent creatures have in us by our actions.

Unfortunately, however, there are people who don’t understand all that and have no qualms about breaking that trust.

Athena’s previous family treated her badly, abandoning her when she needed her family the most and loved and trusted them with all her heart.

The sweet and loving pup has spent most of her life with her family .

She loved her family so much that she could not imagine that they could treat her so cruelly.

She thought they loved her with all their hearts as she did.

But, one day life showed her the opposite and imagine how it broke her heart.

After many years, living without her family, without her beloved people, of course, was unbearably hard.

She who was thought to be a faithful companion by her family, realized that she meant nothing to them…

The thing is, Athena was very old and was going to enjoy her golden years surrounded by the love of her family, but unfortunately, her family had a completely different idea about it all.

They decided to move to another house, but the family chose not to bring their pet with them, because they thought that the dog was already too old and there was no point in keeping her.

So they abandoned her, treating her like a broken object or other unwanted piece of furniture.

Poor Athena was simply broken, all alone and sad, with no hope of salvation.

However, it was not the most painful: she was left completely alone with a chain around her neck looking at the passing cars.

The dog looked completely forlorn, the last hope in her eyes had faded. However, it seems that her guardian angel came to save her at the exact yime.

When the news about the dog finally reached Laurika, who is a rescue volunteer, she immediately came to save the poor puppy.

When s he came, she found her sitting by the side of the road, her eyes filled with sadness.

Poor Athena managed to survive those days with the leftovers left by a driver, but she was already very weak and malnourished.

In addition, it was completely covered in fleas, having lost one of its eyes.

When the volunteer brought the dog to the rescue center, she received all the care she needed: She was healed and received all the love and care she truly deserved.

But despite all that and the fact that the dog was doing well, the staff thought they wouldn’t be albe to find a forever home for the poor senior dog, because such dogs have a hard time finding new homes.

Unfortunately, people are less interested in senior dogs and come there to adopt puppies.

However, this time the dog got lucky again as another miracle happened in her life.

When a kind family saw the dog’s pictures that they posted on social media, she immediately knew that she had to become a member of their family.

They were so happy that they made that decision, because thanks to them the dog forgot all the difficulties that her former family gave her.

Now Athena lives with her family and she is probably happier than ever because she has a family that really cares for her.

We are also very happy that she will live the rest of her life happily and surrounded by love and care.

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