A kind woman saved the newborn wolves from the cold weather, mistaking them for puppies
This generous woman showed the whole world that love and kindness towards animals never disappears. We want to tell a story about Tony Litwolf and her
The wolf used to visit the forester every day, but one day he didn’t come alone…
It was a winter evening when forester Stepan suddenly heard a noise from under the fence. going out to the threshold of the house, he noticed an emaciated
The lamb approached the dog to show his gratitude for saving the entire flock from the pack of wolves.
A video recently went viral showing a lamb thanking a dog for saving an entire flock from wolves… Wolves can hunt even the largest mammals without
Wolves save the life of an assaulted woman, help her recover from PTSD
Sarah Varley was just 19 years old when she was attacked and suffered from PTSD. she was so terrified of vomiting that she ate only three raisins and three