The baby squirrel is simpy obssesed with his human daddy, who saved his life and it doesn’t even cross his mind to return to the wild
That’s right, that Allan Pursley adores animals, but had never considered keeping a squirrel, especially at home. However, it turned out that he
A woman thought she had rescued a dog, but turned out it was a wild animal called coyote…
Being in the right place at the right time is absolutely for this story. It really can often mean a lot and save lives. There are many kind-hearted people
The rescued duckling who became a full member of their family, started greeting his parents from work like a dog
The couple lives in their in a private house located in the USA, around which there are many many ducks. Their number is so large that if they sometimes
Woman rescued the wild animal who was going to become someone’s coat and gave him a very loving home
One day, she accidentally saw a very special creature on the Internet and couldn’t just be indifferent. It was love at first sight.
The tiger is released in the streets and “dangerously” approaches the child
Los Angeles residents enjoy their ice cream sandwiches on a typical hot day when they are suddenly in danger. Someone notices a large dangerous animal