The talented photographer managed to capture a super rare scene of sperm whales with a diving model
And what do you think: Do sperm sleep and if so, how do they do it? Although this question may seem quite simple to many, scientists have actually been
The young brothers saved the life of a baby beluga whale,continuing to taking care of him until rescuers arrived
It was on St. Lawrence rivre located in Canada when caring brothers suddenly spotted a baby whale during their vacation. The thing is that a baby whale
A group of brave dolphins rushed to help mother whale and her baby saving them from male whales
Dolphins do have amazing intelligence and it has been proved not once. It is so interesting to watch how they play and talk with other dolphins.
Tina, a female whale, who fell in love with a zookeeper, spat water on a female worker out of jealousy.․․
Did you know that it also happens that animals fall in love with their keepers? Recently, something like that happened in South Korea. The point is that
It was such an incredible moment, as you won’t see that many killer whales every day
You definitely shouldn’t miss this incredible moment that happened off the coast of Norway. The point is that hundreds of killer whales were gathered there.
Endless 20-hour-long savior mission rescues life of gigantic sperm whale weighing 10 tons
In the later of times a gigantic sperm whale was noticed in the shore, in the south of Shangai. The biggest fear was that if he was not relocated into
Amazingly unique white whale noticed off the coast of Australia
Brayden Blake a 16 years old teenager filmed a white swimming whale. The giant was swimming almost 500 meters from the shore. This guy works for Surf life
Gigantic sperm whale asks for ‘Help’ from diver to get rid of fish hook stuck in his mouth
This was the remarkable moment when a sperm whale ‘asked’ help from a diver.Sperm whales are staggeringly savvy and possess the biggest intellect
This gigantic sperm whale lives to swim another day thanks to epic 20-hr rescue
Which began as a typical day for a gathering of anglers transformed into one they will always remember. Their brave process started when they found a colossal
Otter seeks refuge in a man’s boat as he barely escapes the jaws of a killer whale
The close encounter between the killer whale and its otter hunt is what 37-year-old John Dornellas recently felt up close. Donella’