This dog barks for help inside a hot car while owners are at the beach, police officers break the window to save him
For the vast majority of us, summer implies fresh air, sun, satisfaction and relaxation.And summer ought to be a period of bliss for us, however for our pets as well.
Poor pup abandoned by owner in the middle of nowhere, chases a runner and asks to be saved
When the owners treat their animals in an awful manner all this poor creatures have left is to run away from them. Such kind of desicion made the hero
“There is a toy so he will remember me”: Little boy leaves his helpless pup at a shelter so his daddy can’t beat it
Unfortunately, the world isn’t generally fun and splendid. Some of the time hard choices must be made, regardless of whether they make you extremely upset.
The kind and brave lady from US flies to Ukraine to save disabled dogs: ‘I felt it with my heart to come here’
The continuous war in Ukraine has overturned endless lives, people as well as creatures also.  From pets isolated from their families to zoo creatures