A woman broke into a shelter to save her pitbull from being euthanized… Here’s what happened next
In any case, whatever happens in our life, we can only see the good in our faithful dogs. It is often the case that dog owners work on training their dogs.
The dog, who spent almost all his life in a shelter, got adopted by a wonderful couple and can’t stop hugging them
It is not for nothing that they gave him the name Hero. The senior pitbull was left in the shelter and it seemed that he was going to spend his last days there too.
Staying in a shelter for 94 days, he couldn’t believe that he was going to be with his favorite human forever
I think you will agree that dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to us humans. Their loyalty and love simply knows no bounds. They do all that without
As the longest resident of the shelter, Petey finally sleeps with a smile on his face because he now has the most caring family
Petey never forgets to wear his sweet smile that just warms everyone up. Despite everything he’s had to go through, nothing can keep Pete’
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The most pure love imaginable exists only between a mother and her baby. Everlyn is a friendly pitbull who felt the full power and magic of a motherly
The super tiny puppy fell in love with her daddy and melts everyone’s heart when starts giving warm hugs to him
Annabelle was only three weeks old, but she had already decided that she was her daddy’s girl, whom she absolutely adored. There is a very inexplicable
Wonderful pitbul stepped in to help a frightened mother dog take care of her seven puppies
After rescuing this mother with her pups, it turned out that she was terribly scared,even so much so that she wouldn’t even look up.
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Dogs are great friends, but they can also be wonderful, helpful workers. They provide a range of services to our society, whether for operational search