Here are the video of a very private concert where dogs listen to their friend so attentively…
A private concert is taking place in the house, prepared only for dogs and parrots. Maybe people can just watch what they are doing from afar.
Cute parrot becomes very emotional when his dying mom says : I Love You !
Meet Sinbad a grey American parot that comes to prove that animals as well can feel different kinds of emotions and they also can feel happiness and sadness.
Funny video. The parrot can not stop complaining about the house cat
This is a really funny story. This is a clever cocoa parrot that spreads positive moods. These parrots are very sociable can communicate in a friendly
Parrot is asked how he views himself. I fell out of my chair at his answer!
Most people think that parrots are gifted imitators. Yes, some of them are basically like feather tape recorders. However, some breeds of parrots show
Parrot’s Devotion To His Stuffed Toy Is So Cute, You’ll Want to Give Him the Hug He’s Asking For
Parrots can get very accustomed to they are brilliant imitators. Parents of parrots can teach their birds different words sentences, and pets can repeat