The first meeting between a panda and his mother was so adorable that it managed to melt more than 12 million hearts
They showed how cute this little panda is and his mom, who can take care of her baby perfectly. And, of course, we humans must do everything for them
It was so touching, when the mother gorilla decided to show off her baby to the crowd hugging and kissing him warmly
An incredible scene in the zoo shocked the whole world. The mother gorilla approached the crowd and introduced her baby. It was such a sweet moment when
“At first it scared me a little, but the bear just approached me to ask for help for her baby…”
Everything happened in the summer, when it was still very hot outside, the birds woke people up every morning with their singing, the sun warmed us with
Mother bear came to the man to ask for help and here is what happened when he followed her…
We won’t often meet wild animals near villages, so it was quite surprising for this man when he suddenly heard a growl. He quickly looked outside