Mommy Linx ran out to bring back her baby who continuously tried to run away
The wild lynx and her babues were in fairly safe hands, as they were being cared for by a Russian woman. They felt great. The lady’
The wonderful want-to-be mama canine babysits foster kitties like her own little babies
This is Megan a woman who always loved helpng other pets and did it for a long time now. With that her pup Kona assisted her and did the best to support
The unique senior cat was so so grumpy until he became “Grandpa” to little kittens
Shelly Roche in no way wanted to keep Mason. Roche dreaded the 10-year-old male feline would be troubled living inside a homegrown climate since he was
This kitten was found next to the wall on her little brother’s side and looks like two different cats
While getting ready to move into their new house in Nashville, Tennessee, a family found two little cats on a divider. They chose to sit tight for the mother’
This is Zoë, the kitty who literally wears her heart on her soft fur
The kitty Zoe amazed her soon-to-be owners into taking her too when they came over there to adopt her sister. She had a immense black heartshaped mark on her chest.