Man who lost his 2 siberian huskies, found them during a photoshoot… The most heart-melting reunion ever
For the owner of the animal, it is the most terrible thing when he loses his beloved pet. When they start thinking that they will never see them again…
The family organized the first meeting of their newborn baby and 3 huskies, who were so excited about it
Furry animals and newborn babies are known for their strong and beautiful ties. It also appeals to their human parents, which really makes the family complete.
The cat who had been rescued due to the kind husky named Lilo, now has become the leader of a husky gang
Have you ever seen a cat with its own pack of dogs? Meet Rosie, a cat who loves to walk with her dogs. It turns out that he is the one who leads the dogs
No one wanted to take the husky with congenital disorders, but after 1.5 year a real miracle happened…
When talking about huskies, first of all think about their very gorgeous appearance, but as for this husky, he has congenital disorders and his face looks droopy.
For about 3 weeks, everyone just took pictures of the poor abandoned husky and left…
Every day I received letters from dozens of people about this dog, all of them asking to help him and take him to the doctor. They were all very worried
2 kind-hearted men rescued the poor dog, who had to eat stones to survive…
Willon is a Siberian Husky who was found lying on the side of the road. Two good Samaritans saw him and quickly came to his aid.  Other cars were passing
Baby girl dressed up as Red Riding Hood and her husky dressed as “Big Bad Wolf” are so adorable
This is Agata and her amazing canine that became famous on social media thanks to their wonderful costumes. They were celebrating Carnival in Italy.
The bold resue husky discoeverd a box full of tiny kittens in the forest and took them
This daring husky found a box full with little cats while going for a stroll in the forest and chose to take on them as her own. Pennant is a lovable rescue
Mom pulls back shower curtain to find Husky in bathroom – throwing “angry rage”
“Please share 3, share this story with a friend or family member above.” Mom pulls back the shower curtain to find Haskin in the bathroom throwing
Woman Adopts “Unwanted” Husky. And then this happened
Patti Dawson loves a good challenge, writes ilovemydogsomuch Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Rehab President assumes responsibility for caring for dogs in desperate need.