The kiss of a horse and a baby boy immediately went viral melting millions of hearts all over the world…
For many people, horses are considered pets. Many people who love horses even run horse stables, teaching others how to care for these magnificent animals.
If you live in Frankfurt, you’ve probably already met the gorgeous white horse that walks around the city every morning.
Every day in Frankfurt you can meet a gorgeous white horse who was walking the streets. She knows the way perfectly, so she does not need guards to guide
The little baby horse just couldn’t stop kissing and hugging the woman, as if he fell in love with her
It turns out that there are many other animals besides dogs that love to hug, for example horses. Recently happened a very cute moment when a seven-day-old
She thought she would never be able to see her beloved horse again, but the staff prepared the best surprise for her
Saying goodbye to your best friends is one of the hardest moments. Jan Holman, who is an animal lover, was forced to abandon her beloved animals, two spaniels
After getting his brand new wheelchair the mini horse got so excited that even started running
Turbo is a 3-month-old mini-horse who still didn’t understand what it means to be able to walk fully, but the kind people did everything to make
The horse who lost her baby breathed a new life after meeting the orphaned foal
A Friesian horse lives in Holland, whose name is Yuniek. She was pregnant, but when she went into labor, it became clear that something was wrong and she
When the therapy horse visited the man, he was so moved that he just couldn’t hold back the tears
He was bedridden for several months due to his health problems.  He just got a visit one day from someone who could help him, even though his doctors are
This dog adores having fun and rides on his favorite horse chap every day
Meet the canine Robin cherished riding on his pony companion, Teddy. He cherished it such a lot of that he wouldn’t get down. All things considered
They throw me away like I was a trash and then picked me up like I was a treasure
There is no unmistakable administrative system in the US that safeguards all creatures the nation over. As of now, there is as yet a disturbing absence
The dog is beaten in his own game of fetch by his amazing horse friend
Wantching animal videos on the internet is something that most people love the most. There is something in them that makes you feel a special love and