This guy with Down syndrome was proclaimed a hero when he rescued two sinking girls
When Valerio Katoya was three years old, his parents took him swimming as a way for him to build strength and endurance. He was born with Down syndrome.
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Anatoly, who is just a schoolboy, managed to save his two younger brothers from the burning house. The incidents took place in May, when the children’
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Heroic, loyal dog saves owner’s life from mountain lion attack: Puts her life into danger to save her owner
Canines are such adoring and faithful pets. They have extraordinary impulses and will constantly move forward to help when they sense their proprietors
They Broke His Bones But Couldn’t Crush His Spirits, He’s Now A Hero Therapy Dog
Pete Bull Aladdin was severely beaten when rescuers found him. With him, his legs were broken and his tail was broken, writes ilovemydogsomuch.