The twins, who were born 87 days apart, just shocked the whole world, setting a new record in the Guinness book.
Maria and Chris were living happy together with their two children, but their happiness doubled when they were told that they would soon have twins.
She thought she would never be able to see her beloved horse again, but the staff prepared the best surprise for her
Saying goodbye to your best friends is one of the hardest moments. Jan Holman, who is an animal lover, was forced to abandon her beloved animals, two spaniels
After buying the house the young couple simply became speechless by what they found inside…
The young woman decided to sell the house of her grandma in the village, but when the buyers came there and opened the door, they were simply amazed by what they saw.
Well known singer Miranda Lambert loses second canine in closely connected sibling pair after just 9 months
Loss has always been a tough feeling. And no matter you lose a person or your canine you feel a deep pain in your heart. Lately a country music star Miranda