Mother goose and her 47 goslings have become the real stars of the whole social media
The mother and her babies have become an internet sensation and till now continue to be in the center of attention. The mother was recently spotted in
Goose Pecks At The Door Of A Police Car To Get The Cop’s Attention
Cincinnati police were stunned by the goose on Monday. He approached the police car, started knocking on the door, and the policeman tried to feed him.
Stray Puppy Was Freezing In The Street Until Goose Decided To Step In
Empathy is a human trait that makes us understand the pain others feel, motivating us to care for others. However, despite our ability to empathize, people
Gentle Goose Takes on the Role of Nanny for Her Best Friend’s Puppy
Nothing can stop true love company, as this fluffy dog and fluffy goose show. It is interesting to look at interspecific relationships. They are proof