This brave and benevolent fisherman sees drowning deer in the ocean and drags him to shore to rescue his life
Nothing is like being out in the outside and fishing with your mates right? It’s normally not the least bit about what you catch or how enormous
Fisherman spots a bald eagle swimming towards his boat and gives him a hand
Fishing has been a good source of income and recreation for those living near the lagoon or any other body of water. It’s probably a great place
Fisherman Sees Drowning Deer in the Ocean – and Drags Her to Shore to Save Her Life
It’s nothing like being outdoors and fishing with your friends. It’s usually not all about what you catch or how big it is, but about the company
A Fisherman Catches A Rare ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster And Decides To Do Such A thing
A Maine resident caught a rare cotton lobster for the second time three months ago near Cape Roser in Penobscot Bay. Four years ago, he caught one he donated