Adorably unique baby albino elephant plays with family in the mud pit
HERD is the first elephant orphanage in South Africa. Adine Roode, the owner, and her staff of caregivers have devoted their lives to taking care of elephants
After all the hardships he went throuh, Shortcake finally got adopted by the most loving family and can’t stop smiling
The sweet little boy, who is now smiling non-stop, hasn’t always been so happy. When the shelter volunteers met him, he was in such bad shape that
Mother elephant recently gave birth to adorable twins, which last happened almost 80 years ago
How boring life would be without animals. All of them are so sweet and unique that one can endlessly admire their unusual actions. Thanks to them, we often
19-year-old cat with a rare disease, continues shocking everyone with his stunning appearance
Even at first glance, it becomes obvious that he is not an ordinary cat… Meet Scrappy, a very unique cat, that managed to take the whole internet
It was so much fun watching the sweet little elephant play with the plastic bucket and laugh non-stop
I think it is rare to meet an elephant that’s laughing and many people cannot even imagine that these animals can make such sounds.
The elephant continued digging non-stop for 11hours to pull her baby out of the well
Mothers are always there and always ready to protect their children even at the cost of their lives. They are the only ones who will never leave their
An old elephant, who had been chained for 50 years, couldn’t stop crying when he was finally released
Unfortunately, elephants are one of the creatures that suffer the most because of the human cruelty and selfishness. Most of the time, they are kept in
It was obvious that the blind elephant really enjoyed the music… Watch the video here!!
I will never stop admiring this wonderful creatures. While it seems to many people that they cannot feel and have emotions like humans, every time such
The legendary elephant, who used to entertain tourists for mote than 40 years, is finally free
Elephants can be considered among the most intelligent mammals. They usually live in countries like Thailand. Although they are considered very highly
After the video of a crying pit bull went viral, the sweet boy found the most perfect family for him
This super sweet hero deserves all our love and praise. A few years ago, one of the shelter’s clients, Sarah Slimen, filmed a crying pit bull at