As the mother of 9 ducklings disappeared, the kind-hearted dog decided to adopt them and take care of the babies as his own
I think you will agree that dogs are the kindest animals in the world, which are always ready to lend a helping hand to someone who needs it.
The rescued duckling who became a full member of their family, started greeting his parents from work like a dog
The couple lives in their in a private house located in the USA, around which there are many many ducks. Their number is so large that if they sometimes
Every year the sweet mother duck decides to take her ducklings and visit her favorite nursing home
We often read stories about cats and dogs that never get tired of surprising us with their seemingly incredible actions. They do such things for their
Rescuing the cracked egg of duck the kind woman kept it in her bra for more than 35 days
Betsy Ross definitely knows how to take care of babies and this was shown by her attitude towards a small cracked duck egg. When she found it, she decided
After receiving the best surprise ever the 5-year-old girl thinks she is a mother too
The sweetest kind of friendship for me is the connection between children and animals. Everything between tem is so pure. One of the heroes of our today’