The family who kept a wolf in their farm, decided to tie an old donkey next to him, but what happened next simply amazed them all
Once a family caught a wolf in the forest, decided to bring him home and what happened next made them famous all over the world. Since they had their own
The lovely donkey can’t stop following his new little human brother around
Small children and animals can frequently shape friendship unimaginably. Kids are ready to go and experience no difficulty communicating their sentiments.
The donkey smiles from ear to ear after being rescued
In Ireland, a donkey rescued from a flood seems to be smiling when taken to a safe place A donkey who drowned in floods last Sunday and is recovering after
Thankful donkey can’t help smiling after being saved from drowning in flood by rescue group
What a pity that animals can not speak as well as we humans. They are not intellectually comparable to humans, but these creatures also have feelings.
Donkey Stands in Front of Five Majestic Clydesdales, His Next Move Will Leave You in Stitches!
Budweiser Clydesdales are ungulate Americans. Clydesdales made its debut in 1933. It was Anheuser-Busch’s way to mark the end of the Ban.
Shy Donkey Who ‘Doesn’t Like People Or Dogs’ Meets Pit Bull Who Changes It All
Wendell donkey has returned to its original owner for not loving people or dogs. But the shy donkey was led in by Jennifer, who decided to put her with
Rescued donkey turns on the charm
When his father confronts him as he enters the canteen, Steve the donkey reacts as any other child would. Steve the donkey seems to have a bad habit.
Police Officer Saves Donkey From busy Highway, Moves It Inside Patrol Car
A woman from Norman, Oklahoma, saw a frightened donkey stuck in the middle of a busy highway. The woman, Robin Streider, stopped the car without hesitation
After Being Rejected By His Mother A Baby Chimp Cuddles With A Plush Monkey
Chimpanzees, like humans, require attention, care, and play while they are young. When this young chimp was abandoned by his mother in 2019, he sought
Mountain gorilla from famous selfie dies in arms of man who rescued her as a baby
The beloved mountain gorilla that won worldwide fame, after posing in a viral selfie with an anti-poaching ranger, has recently passed away at the of 14.