The cute picture of a dog kissing his best friend dolphin went viral all over the world
If you think that dogs can only be a human’s best friend, then we are in a hurry to disappoint you a little. The point is that dogs can be great
The dolphin named Riso is the only albino found in the entire Eastern Pacific Ocean
There is no doubt that there is no shortage of incredible diversity incredible creatures in the seas and oceans. Among them, there are really many unusual
The dolphins saved the life of a puppy attracting attention of people in a very unusual way…
Everyone knows that dolphins are very intelligent mammals, which are also known for their ability to help people and animals in difficult times.
The diver was swimming in Hawaii when a dolphin swam up to him asking for an ambulance
Divers were swimming in manta rays in Hawaii when suddenly a dolphin swam about one of them. He got very close to one of the divers as if asking for help.
The dolphin gives people its treasures from the ocean floor in exchange for food
Dolphins are extremely intelligent and friendly creatures. That’s why they have won the warmth of many people who melt when they see their phenomena
Senior dog and friendly dolphin love spending time together
Although it may seem strange, we have heard many stories of close encounters between pets and dolphins. The male’s friend must have been very fond
Smart Adorable Dolphin Gives People Gifts He Finds In Sea Bottom In Exchange For Their Food
We all know that dolphins are intelligent animals with an incredible ability to communicate with humans through both verbal and non-verbal cues.
Barking dog leads owner to stranded baby dolphin
This is the moment when a fast-thinking dog saves the life of a poor marine mammal found in desperate need of help. The hero dog, a Springer Spaniel named
An amazing story of friendship between a Golden Retriever and a Dolphin
Animals of different species can still make friends with each other. This was proved by Golden Retriever and Dolphin. The two became friends at the Clearwater
Unbelievable Story . You should read this . Dog finds baby dolphin
“I was photographing the beautiful landscape when I heard my dog ​​shouting at me from below the beach. ‘It is clear that he has found something.’