Seeing that horrible scene the biker couldn’t stay indifferent and immdeiately approached to help
He showed how big a heart he has. It was Valentine’s Day when biker Brando stopped everything to save a small dog that had been abused.
This dog adores having fun and rides on his favorite horse chap every day
Meet the canine Robin cherished riding on his pony companion, Teddy. He cherished it such a lot of that he wouldn’t get down. All things considered
Cutest golden retriever shows his daddy how proud he is of his stick collection
Meet Bruce, a 4-year-old brilliant retriever who has turned into a kind of refined stick gatherer connoisseur.Bruce is from the US and loves sticks such
Future guide dog-in-training falls asleep during important photoshoot by chance
Meet Benny a dog that was born in the Guide Dog Foundation and will eventually step into a very importat role. He might become a guide dog for blind or
This dirty and hungry pup hung head in shame when people told him he was worthless and pushed out
Each doggy needs special attention. They aren’t prepared to go off and look for food all alone, composes ilovemydogsomuchScared and alone, a doggy
Sweet girl wanted to take the pup who was “Shaking & Hiding” at the back of the shelter
This dog when brought to the shelter was shivering 24 hours a day. her skin was emanating a putrid odor which was because of mange. Here feet and her eyes
Ukrainian soldiers find street pup in the freezing cold, keep him as their ‘protector’
In the wake of being found in the city, Rambo is presently a companion and guardian to one group of Ukrainian soldiers. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine
“There is a toy so he will remember me”: Little boy leaves his helpless pup at a shelter so his daddy can’t beat it
Unfortunately, the world isn’t generally fun and splendid. Some of the time hard choices must be made, regardless of whether they make you extremely upset.