While driving past the National Park, tourists met a mother bear with her babies crossing the street
When driving in a rural or forested area, we often meet various animals, including squirreIs, deer and birds. Although seeing these kinds of animals is
The family was on vacation, when they suddenly noticed the bear family having fun in their car…
Morris was on vacation with his famiIy when family members suddenly started screaming. He quickly went out to see what commotion there was and simply got shocked.
The wounded tigress came to the forester and ‘asked’ him to take care of her baby…
Ivan has been a forester for many years. He had met many animals during those years and knew how to treat them. However, Amur tigers are very rare in those
THIS hero momma has just given birth to a record number of babies, and their photos are too sweet
Bingwa, the cheetah, has quite lately satisfied her name. “Bingwa” in Swahili signifies “champion” and the 4 years old creature
The cubs are placed next to the dead brothers and sisters, hoping after being thrown in the trash.
Residents of De Dorns, South Africa, warned Sidewalk Specials about two-week-old puppies from junk that were thrown in the trash and left to die there