60-year-old Tom Cruise surprised fans with his aging appearance, he has changed a lot
As an action movie hero, Tom Cruise, a legendary Hollywood actor, is well-known worldwide. In addition, he is a stunt performer, a fan of extreme sports
Tom Hanks simply amazed his fans when he started playing the piano with his feet, recreating the famous movie scene in real life
Playin piano is an amazing skill and it can be considered one of the most difficult things in the world. It takes a lot of work to be a pro, and you have
After receiving the touching letter, famous singer Keith Urban canceled everything to fulfill the young lady’s last wish.
Today we want to tell you a very exciting story about a 25-year-old young lady. Her name is Marisa English who had very incredible moments before she left
Betty Reid has retired at the age of 100 who is considered the oldest park ranger in the US
After more than 15 years of devotedly publishing stories about her duties, Betty Reed Soskin has announced her retirement. She recenty turned 100 .
She has her mother’s eyes: Salma Hayek recently made her first public appearance with her beautiful daughter
It was in October when a premiere took place in Los Angeles: Marvel Cinematic Universe movie “Forever”, the festival of which was attended
The famous star decided to come to a movie premier with Woody, one of his rescue dogs, promoting adoption of doggs
Though it’s not something you see often, actor and a big animal lover Tom Hardy recently appeared on the red carpet with a dog․ It was really adorable.
After a few minutes when the talented boy started singing, he just shocked everyone with his performance…
Every day we hear stories about very talented people, which we especially learn about thanks to this wonderful show. You probably understood that we are
Coming to the stage the Dutch singer hit such notes, that it seemed like the audience went crazy for a while…
Dutch singer Mart Hoogkamer became a real star, taking second place in the competition. In addition, he got the opportunity to sign a contract with Sony Music.
Calum Scott , who also participated in Britain’s Got Talent, as always shocked everyone with his brilliant performance
The show Britan’s Got Talent has never had a shortage of shining stars, and this time was no exception when this guy took the stage.
The famous actress, who performed for more than 80 years, recently celebrated her 96th birthday
She was quite young when she started her career, and today she already has an 80-year career history filled with many awards. It’s about stuninng