Mother cow who has lost all of her calves moves her newborn calf every day, hiding it from farmers in another place
Both humans and animals exhibit maternal love. They must safeguard their children at all costs. This cow was saved by a sanctuary for animals after a difficult life.
The kind-hearted farmer noticing a calf freezing, used a hot tub to save his life…
The presence of animals in our life is really very important. All of them are special and unique. They are nature’s gift to all of us, which make
A group of brave dolphins rushed to help mother whale and her baby saving them from male whales
Dolphins do have amazing intelligence and it has been proved not once. It is so interesting to watch how they play and talk with other dolphins.
The poor baby cow who managed to run away from slaughterhouse, found a new family in the forest…
Many people were trying to find the calf that ran away from the slaughterhouse to the forest. Many, knowing about it, were genuinely concerned about him
The super adorable calf born on the Valentine’s day, got a very special sign on his forehead
The most remarkable thing was that he was born on the fourteenth of February, in honor of the day of love. The calf was unique in that it was born with