Brave and young boy risks his life to protect younger siblings from vicious dog attack
Even though he suffered injuries himself, a 12-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero for protecting his siblings from a vicious dog attack.
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The 65-year-old brave woman, who was a mother of 13,recently gave birth to quadruplets
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A 10-year old boy named Troy saved all his classmates noticing that something was wrong with the driver
Troy Luna’s parents always told him not to trust adults he didn’t kno. But in any case, they didn’t think the day would come when he
Two courageous brothers saved the whole class as the bus driver suddenly lost consciousness and died…
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A brave school boy managed to save his 2 brothers from their burning house…
Anatoly, who is just a schoolboy, managed to save his two younger brothers from the burning house. The incidents took place in May, when the children’
Kind man saves starving pup alone on deserted island and brings him home
Wesley was out off the shore of Belize when he noted this poor animal. He was taken aback to find a starving pup. The dog was very skinny, but he was extremely amiable.
The kind and brave lady from US flies to Ukraine to save disabled dogs: ‘I felt it with my heart to come here’
The continuous war in Ukraine has overturned endless lives, people as well as creatures also.  From pets isolated from their families to zoo creatures
The vets wanted to euthanize this pup without front legs, but this guy stepped in
Encounter Nubby, the dog with no front legs. Vets figured he wouldn’t make it. “His kin were pushing him far removed. He would have died,”
The smart police dog finds missing mom and baby on his very first shift
The underlying day at work can be an upsetting encounter for anyone, so we can’t envision what it should be life for those in unforeseeable positions