Coming to the stage the Dutch singer hit such notes, that it seemed like the audience went crazy for a while…
Dutch singer Mart Hoogkamer became a real star, taking second place in the competition. In addition, he got the opportunity to sign a contract with Sony Music.
Simply indescribable admiration reigned on the stage when they began their stunning performance… Just watch
All of you are probably familiar with this world-famous show, where undoubtedly is never a shortage of talent. Every time we witness many wonderful performances
When ‘Simon’ started singing, it shocked everyone so much, that it’s even impossible to describe in words
We have witnessed millions of brilliant performances on the famous show, but this one will remain forever in everyone’s memories. It was just so amazing.
When the 54-year-old man started singing, no one could ever imagine that he could be a homeless…
Today we have selected for you a performance that will shock you too. At this moment, no matter how hard we try to find the right words to describe it